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    There are different ways of getting rid of these home invaders. Method used depends on extent of the pests' invasion, extent of breeding and type of pests. Depending with the different cockroach exterminator companies that are there, they offer different methods. We only use eco friendly methods that do not pollute the environment nor affect the human health.

    We major in dealing with the root cause so that we can eliminate the pest problem completely. All types of pests have a main source which attracts them, they mainly breed in such places therefore when they are destroyed; they also die. A good example is the ants; they mostly have underground breeding places where the `queen' is found. In such a situation, we dig deep and get rid of this breeding site thus eliminating these pests totally.

    This in turn makes them rather ineffective if you use the same one year in year out. While it is good to use improved pesticides, it is very important that they be safe. At Exterminator NY, we use best pesticides that are above board and those that won't leave you in a very bad position as far as your health is concerned. The ones we use are guaranteed to ensure that no infestation will ever happen again in your home.

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