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    If you ever had an experience with bed bugs- you will probably know that they are the worst of the `illusionary monsters'. Now days, they are making a comeback. Excessive use of pesticides has made them resistant and now they are hitching rides on luggage and clothing more frequently. Even, five star hotels and glamorous restaurants are not safe from their wrath.

    Millions of customer all over the state trusts Exterminator Bronx to keep termites in place and out of their homes and businesses.

    Bed Bugs in Bronx
    Concourse Village, South Riverdale, Pelham Parkway, East Morrisania, Marble Hill, Fordham, Fieldston, North New York, Orchard Beach, Watson, Crotona Park East, Village of Baychester, Longwood, Buhre, City Island, University Heights, Morris Park, Bruckner, Kingsbridge, Middletown, Co-op City, 177th Street, Both Norway rats and roof rats can transmit diseases to humans and livestock. Some the diseases spread by these rats are murine, typhus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis or food poisoning and rat bite fever. They also carry the deadly disease like plague which can spread like an epidemic. Roof rats being good climbers normally inhabit in the alley and ceilings and Norway rats usually inhabit in basements and foundations of a house.

    As the number one ants exterminator Bronx, service provider, we understand our responsibility and perform it to perfection. For us, satisfaction of our customers is the key aspect, this is why we are always willing to improve and make changes in our services accordingly, to their convenience. We take our customers feedback seriously, and implement things into action accordingly.

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