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    In fact, according to NY times, in NY bed bug complains have doubled in past 2 years, especially in apartments.

    After the inspection a detailed written specification with customized diagrams are provided to the customer and after approval the treatment is executed. Exterminator New York personal undergoes rigorous training on termite behavior and construction practices and makes sure that your home doesn't offer the ideal surroundings that lets them survive and devises a effective plan using state of the art treatments methods to keep the termites from destroying your home.

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    Fleas are wingless insects that feed on blood. They are parasites that rest on surface skins of mammals such as dogs, cats, humans or even birds. They reside in areas that have adequate nutrition available for example under carpets, refuse piles, folds of tapestry etc. Their eggs take 6-12 days to hatch forming an adult flea that possess piercing mouth parts, strong legs, short antennae and small eyes(sometime absent).

    Bed Bug Dog 10452 in Bronx
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