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    Our company is a mercenary force in the city of Bronx with sole mission to terminate unwanted pests which invades your privacy and disturbs your life. Pest as you know are a real disturbance when they invade your kitchen, wardrobes, fridge or any other place and destroys your clothes, food, beds and disturb your daily routine and gives you sleepless night. Some of the pest are parasitic and sucks your blood while sleeping creating adverse health related problems. Few of the pests are diseases carriers and their bites can create skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms or may lead to major illnesses.

    Pest Control Bronx is the action force which takes care of all your pest related problems. Led by a team of highly trained professionals in pest control warfare, terminating a big colony of pests becomes an easy task for us. We have three teams who work in coordination to eliminate the enemy right from the root. Our scout team or assessment team inspects the lair of the enemy and instructs the strike team or operations team on what course of action is to be taken to eliminate them. Our third team known as the diplomatic team or monitoring team erases the entire colony of dead enemies by cleaning, vacuuming the entire area and guards the area from future invasions in concurrence with the people of the house.

    Terminating pest requires proper planning and execution to make the mission a success. Every nook and corner like, cracks and holes should be marked and precision treatment should be done to eliminate hidden enemies so that not a single pest is left alive. Pest Control Bronx is the only company of its kind which trains their personals in pest control warfare of both indoor and outdoor pests and teaches them about the habitats and where to strike to inflict permanent damage to the colonies by using environment friendly chemicals and to what extent. Some of the pests are immune to chemicals which require special treatment to get rid of it.

    Pest Control Bronx follows a systematic integrated pest management warfare system to eliminate the pest as per the ground realities. All attacks on the colonies of infestation are closely monitored by experts in the art of integrated pest management warfare and makes sure that the infestation does not happen in the future.

    Pest Control Bronx with our military like action to eliminate pests has put us in the forefront in the eradication of pests in the city of Bronx. The precision and swiftness with which we strike to eliminate the pests have made us into a household name in every nook and corner of the state in a short span of time. Our customer support division keeps a close watch day and night and scrambles the mercenary teams into action as soon as a customers' request for help. Pest Control Bronx acts like a peace keeping force by monitoring the effects of the treatment in order to make sure that pests do not invade the household or establishments in future.

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